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Open Space Technology

Open Space Technology is recognised as an innovative approach that allows the holding of dynamic and productive meetings for groups of between five and 2000 people.

This method of participative hosting is particularly powerful in developing leadership at all levels, to support change, to push forward projects and consultations and to promote the mobilisation of people in a spirit of cooperation and creativity.

The method Open Space Technology was developed in the 1980s by Harrison Owen, author of several books on change in organisations.
Since 1985, the Open Space Technology has been used successfully worldwide, in all sorts of organisations, private or public enterprises of all sizes, national or multinational, by associations and by national governments.

Tangible results: five guarantees
  Ideas for each of the topics identified are discussed by the interested stakeholders
  Discussions are drawn together in a report made available to the participants
  Subjects are prioritised by the group
  Action plans are drawn up by the interested parties and presented to all
  Participants take responsibility for the follow-up

Intangible results frequently observed:
Increased cooperation
  Improved efficiency
  Increased confidence
  Improved personal relationships
  Group spirit strengthened
  Creativity expressed
  Initiative demonstrated
  Pleasure and enthusiasm in working together
  Energy and hope/optimism
  Taking on greater responsibility
  Renewed commitment

The Open Space Technology is not just an event. It is a new way of being, working, thinking, meeting and doing business, starting from the elements that already work well.

Integral Togetherness was trained in this approach by the renowned international facilitator and colleague of Harrison Owen, Diane Gibeault.