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Spiral Dynamics

Emerging from the work of Clare W Graves, further developed by Christopher C Cowan and Don Edward Beck, this model allows for the understanding, anticipation, promotion and guiding of the development of people, teams, organisations and societies. Studying the living conditions, the different systems of belief according to the different stages of individual development and human systems, Spiral Dynamics helps us understand the requirements of different forms of change and how to steer teams and organisations towards the optimal use of the other approaches and the tools of collective intelligence.

This approach particularly allows for highly relevant responses to the following questions:
  Is it time to change?
  What should be changed?
  Into what?
  What form of change is most appropriate?
  Who is going to pilot the change?
  When, how?
  What will be the consequences of not changing?
Integral Togetherness has been trained in Spiral Dynamics by Fabien and Patricia Chabreuil at the Ideodynamic Institute in Paris.

If you would like to know more you can access the websites of Don Beck and Christopher Cowan via as well as, Fabien and Patricia Chabreuil’s website.