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Team coaching

We see team coaching as enabling a team to discover and apply for itself its own answers and solutions to the challenges before them.

A coaching process, at once serious, flexible and reflecting the principle of “variable geometry”, can enable you to reach your goals:

  Discover your situation and hear your problems, your wishes, your objectives and your asks;
  Establish a contract specifying the process, ethics, practical details (number of sessions, locations, hours and necessary material and/or equipment) and the commitment required of the coach;
  Define the team objectives;
  Allow the team better self-knowledge and awareness that will impact on the quality of its outputs;
  Work on the modus operandi of the team, on its values, vision and mission if necessary;
  Deploy change tools to allow the team to move towards achieving its objectives. This process may take several months or more;
  Conclude the coaching process.

In conducting a successful team coaching, Integral Togetherness may use a range of tools relating to emotional intelligence, to NLP, to approach-oriented solutions, supervision of team meetings and coaching workshops or approaches such as World Café, Open Forum, Appreciative Inquiry, sociocracy or holacracy, or to a tailer-made combination of these approaches designed specifically for the team.
For more information, please see the section, “OUR APPROACHES AND TOOLS”.

Coaching is by definition a process in motion, that is to say, the coach may sometimes consider and propose amendments during the process.

Perhaps you are not happy with what goes on inside your team, its results, its performance, its internal or its external relations? Maybe you have already tried out unsuccessful remedies or you either do not know or are not sure how to take the first steps? If you would like either to rediscover your dreams or to incorporate them into your life, Integral Togetherness invites you to get in touch and, if in agreement, to discuss the terms of a coaching process that will allow your team to realise its goals.

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