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Organisational coaching

We see organisational coaching as enabling an organisation to discover and apply its own answers and solutions to the challenges it faces.
Some methods and tools may be common to team coaching. An important distinction is the number of people involved in the coaching: up to 20 for team coaching, and from 20 to several hundreds or thousands for organisational coaching.

We suggest moving forward together through the following stages:

  Discover your situation and hear your problems, your wishes, your objectives and your asks;
  If necessary, establish a coaching team;
  Establish a contract specifying the process, ethics, practical details (number of sessions, locations, hours and necessary material and/or equipment) and the commitment required of the coach;
  Define the target group and set up a steering commitee;
  Construct a shared vision and make it a vision shared by the organisation;
  Deploy change tools to allow the organisation to move towards achieving its objectives. This process may take several months or more. Different events are preceded by development stages;
  Sustain changes and ensure the independent organisation of subsequent changes. This may include either the use of collective intelligence tools or the eventual adoption of new modes of governance;
  Conclude the coaching process.

To carry out organisational coaching, Integral Togetherness can bring together coaching teams thanks to its links and partners (for more information, please see the section, “OUR PARTNERS”).

To provide succesful organisational coaching, Integral Togetherness may use a range of approaches such as World Café, Open Forum, Appreciative Inquiry, sociocracy or holacracy, or a tailer-made combination of these approaches designed specifically for the organisation.

Please see the section , “OUR APPROACHES AND TOOLS”.