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Individual coaching

We see individual coaching as enabling a person to discover and apply within him/herself their own answers and solutions to challenges they encounter.

It may relate to different levels of the person’s logic (environment, behaviour, capacity, beliefs, identity, transpersonal level) according to the desired goal.

Coaching may be sought by a prescriber (work manager, personnel manager, or head of an organisation) or by the coached him/herself. Coaching is thus subject to either a three-way contract (prescriber-coached-coach) or a two-way contract (coached-coach).

There are numerous possible themes such as these illustrative examples: leadership development, building self-confidence, improved professional relationships, public speaking, stress management, time management (these are good themes in themselves even before defining coaching objectives).

The coach offers the client a framework of security and confidence based on confidentiality, respect for the individual, the obligations of the coaching methods and the liberty and responsiblity of the coached.

The coach and the coached, or the coach and the person who commissioned the coaching shall agree on the duration (from one to three hours) and frequency (of one to three weeks) of the sessions, as well as the duration of the coaching itself.

The sessions normally take place on the work premises of those being coached, in our offices in Brussels or in a room reserved by the client company.

At the end of the coaching, the client and the coach will measure and evaluate the success of the initial objectives.

The coach will participate in peer group review and supervision.

The coach will already have undertaken a significant process of personal development and will regularly continue his/her self-development.

For any individual coaching or for any questions on this, please contact us.