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"Togetherness " ? "Integral " ?

“Togetherness” means that the company is passionate about collective intelligence for all the experiences of “being, living and working together”, from the smallest to the largest communities of human beings; families; teams; small, medium and large enterprises; local, regional, national, European and international administrations; non-governmental organisations (NGOs); associations, societies, etc.

“Integral” means that the company, in carrying out its work, is passionate about the following points:
  Linking and integrating the various disciplines, approaches and sciences, rather than opposing them, inspired in particular by the work of authors such as Edgar Morin, Luc Bigé, Gerald Hüther or Ken Wilber;
  Taking into account all the stages of development of human beings and organisations, inspired chiefly by the mapping proposed by Spiral Dynamics;
  Embracing the polarities in human beings and organisations, for example, welcoming the forces for change and the forces against change;
  Working on our “outer game” and on our “inner game” (in the words of Timothy Gallwey, reiterated by Robert Dilts) as well as on the relationship between the two;
  Reconciling the individual dimension and the collective dimension, dealing with the interaction between personal tranformation and collective or social transformation;
  Working on the “light”/bright sides and on the “shadow”/dark sides of human beings and organisations. The shadow side contains everything that is not recognised by the person or the organisation as part of their reality. Integrating the shadow is a source of creativity and energy;
  Fostering integrity, that is, the ability to feel what is true for oneself and to express it in a clear way that can be absorbed by another. It develops the sense of confidence and authenticity between people.