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Vision, mission, ambition and role

We define the vision as what the organisation, beyond itself, wants to see more of in the world.
The vision of Integral Togetherness is of a world with more collective intelligence practiced daily between human beings, in and between enterprises, businesses, organisations and communities of people, at the service of life and evolution.

We define the mission as the organisation’s contribution towards realising its vision.
The mission of Integral Togetherness is to propose and provide coaching and training so that each person and each organisation evolves towards greater awareness and responsibility and takes their place at the service of the collective intelligence of the various systems within which they evolve.

We define the ambition as the status and the achievement that the organisation essentially wishes to get for itself.
Integral Togetherness has the ambition of developing as an exemplary and innovative entity at the service of collective intelligence for its clients.

We define the role as the set of core competences that the organisation wishes to develop to realise its ambition.
On behalf of values such as effectiveness, responsibility, cooperation, courage, respect, kindness, congruence/consistency, and humility, Integral Togetherness ensures that every day it deepens the qualities and skills necessary to its mission and its ambition. To do this, Integral Togetherness regularly develops new approaches, participates in peer group review and supervision, and encourages the personal development of people in its employ.