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Our team at your service: Daniel JEROME

Coach and trainer since 2004 and founder of Integral Togetherness in 2010, Daniel JEROME is happy to be at your service, in either French, Spanish, German or English, to guide you and/or your team or organisation towards your success.

A graduate, with a Diploma (Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences-Po)), a Masters in Contemporary History (Sorbonne University, Paris), and a French-German Diploma in Social and Political Science (Free University of Berlin), Daniel Jerome first headed an Alliance Française in Colombia.

He managed a team, trained teachers and pupils, organised numerous cultural events and developed relations with local authorities.

Interested in becoming involved in/practicing an even stronger level of international cooperation, he went on to work for five years at the European Parliament. Working with a Member of the European Parliament (MEP), every day he dealt with international negotiation, multicultural communication as well as the numerous tensions of political and institutional work …

At the same time, over several years he undertook training in different areas so as to better understand human behaviour and relationships: neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), emotional intelligence, coaching and psychotherapy.

His strong interest in this training and a level of frustration at work in terms of the optimal functioning of collective intelligence led him to leave the European Parliament in 2004 to take up his new profession as coach and trainer.

This passion for people and the development of collective intelligence led him to study and adopt new approaches in terms of leadership, methods of governance (notably Sociocracy and Holacracy), of know-how and awareness (notably Open Space Technology and Appreciative Inquiry) to guide people, teams and organisation towards better performance and achievements.